Toke Makinwa's 33rd Birthday Featured

She is a bestselling author and an award winning multi media personality. Her name is Toke Makinwa and she just turned 33 recently. It was a fun galore as the party attracted lots of celebrities and people of the media world. 

While I'm glued to my cake things, I don't fail to talk about any other thing that entertains and educates. This show was entertaining ......and there was also CAKE!. Catch a glimpse of the activities here..

come Tuesday, 3rd October 2017, the 8 associates of 24/7 Naija Cake Affairs who made it to the mPower Naija CSR programme will be arriving the training house to start off a one-month long training on cake making, decoration, sugar craft and lots more.

These 8 associates will have the privilege to be tutored by some of of Naija;s finest tutors in the cake industry. Billed to start on the 3rd October and run through till 2nd November, this training will be wrapped up by a grand ball in honor of the 8 participants, the tutors and the sponsors. This grand ball will also mark the 2nd anniversary of 24/7 Naija Cake Affairs Blog. 

This was how we rolled it at the Dewdrops Uncut Learning seminar. There was so much fun to much things to much network to connect. It was awesome See some of the photos at the event. (don't ask me about my own picture here! I was busy snapping others that I forgot to add myselflaughing but I was there sha...)

Fear Factor is back!!

With reference to our anchor topic:

As a baker.... What was the most challenging thing you faced in the past or you are still facing in this cake biz that made you /makes you feel so sad or worried (even to the extent of crying).. feel free to let it out..... Your story might help a beginner or someone out there.... To overcome his/her current worries in the Cake Biz....
These three bakers share their experience....

Nostalgia is the word that best describes my feelings as the pictures kept coming into my inbox. This event happened last year and the princes is a big girl now! I chatted her mum (Bar. Mrs Rosline Umeh) and she reminded me how I made their baby's day with the beautiful cake and desserts.

After the certificates and awards, the party just started. It was mega FUN!!. Among the highlights of the party was the national anthem rendition by a solo voice from The Ambassadors chorale. they also performed "You lift me up' duet among other songs. The most special part was  "Suddenly" and "Flying without Wings" performed my my loving husband...just for me!! At that point I melted!!innocenttongue-out Once again he poured out his undying love for me....I appreciate all his love and support in this course...and you know what?? I love him more!

We also cut the 1 year anniversary cake among other things...there were delicious  meals, sumptuous desserts, fruit array, and good old wines. We all had fun and mingled.

Our idea is to make this CSR a yearly event so we can always give back to the industry, training people for FREE and empowering the society...this is my own little little make Nigeria a better place!

See some of the pictures here......